Our purpose is to prophetically lead & inspire worship in others and to lead them into God’s presence, where people’s lives will be transformed .


Application Process:

1. Submit Application Below

2. You will be contacted to setup an audition in which you will be required to sing/play two of our current worship songs: one upbeat and one slow.

*See Worship Leader for songs & chord charts

3. Download and read the “Worship Team, Sound & Media Requirements & Commitments”. Be sure you understand our culture and what we expect from our team members.

4. Practice and build your craft. As artists it is our responsibility to grow and develop our gifts and talents for worship to our Creator.


Please complete the form below to apply

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*We must state that not everyone who applies, gets on the team. If it doesn’t work out we still believe God has plan for your life and big things in store for you. We will be happy to help you find the best fit for you.