About Us


We are a group of believers who are passionate for God; who are expressive in relating to Him and about Him. We are Hope Alive.

We carry this message for all people – hope is personified in the person of Jesus and the joyful news that God’s hope and dream is to have all people in His family and to have every aspect of our city cared for by His people. Every person, every place, every situation, nothing is outside the boundary of His care, and we endeavor to bring His influence and authority into every situation. We graciously proclaim ‘Hope is Alive’ and together create an atmosphere of expectation and restoration. 

We believe that God brought us here to build an authentic church community that not only impacts Overland Park, but also the surrounding areas. We are ordinary folk reaching out to do extraordinary things together. Our focus is on the Word of God and the leading of His Spirit.

As a multi-generational community, we recognize that everyone has a part to play in establishing God’s kingdom, and that each one is valuable. We want you to find your place in God’s family.