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Resources for Prayer

We are absolutely convinced that a united church can heal a divided nation,  join us in prayer for the various spheres influencing our culture. Get involved. Make a difference. Pray!

Below are some resources for prayer for the seven mountains of society. Click on the area of influence you want to pray for. 

Business & Technology  |  Government  |  Family  |  Religion  

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We are passionate about bringing every person into a relationship with Jesus and it truly starts with prayer, which sets you on course for divinely led conversations, building relational bridges into lives.

We want to introduce Bless Every Home, which is an endeavor to facilitate prayer for every home in our city, and across America.

When you sign up, a simple email reminder will be sent to you, along with specific names of your immediate neighbors. It's easy to do, and the Lord will help you be a blessing to your neighbors today. Let's give Jesus His full reward of sacrifice on the cross.

Join with us in this user-friendly avenue to pray for your neighbors by name.


Voting Registration Sunday

It’s time for believers to take up the battle cry that we will no longer keep our faith private but will share our faith’s solutions to the problems devastating our communities and our nation.

Churches from across the country, have united for Voter Registration Sunday to help Jesus-followers stand for religious freedom, the sanctity of life, marriage and family, and care and compassion for those in need.

We at Hope Alive Church are proud to be joining this effort. 

We long to see an America where believers lovingly live out biblical truth in every aspect of their lives. We believe this is possible when we unite at the ballot box, unite around a biblical worldview, and unite in prayer.

On Sunday, October 6th,2019 we will participate in Voter Registration Sunday so be sure to stop by the information table in the lobby to get all the resources you need to vote effectively in elections and register to vote in just a few minutes.

Don’t have time to stop by the information table? Not a problem! Simply text the word “iVOTE” to 73075 to access the free Personal Voting Assistant sent directly to your phone. The personal Voting Assistant will help you register to vote, request and absentee ballot, locate your polling place and receive reminders for every election.

Get equipped to make a difference in 2019 and 2020 elections by bringing biblical values to the polls!